Drawing a blank…

A7902E2C-731B-4520-8590-27348B742860Some days writing comes natural. I know what topic that I am supposed to write about, and words just spew onto the page.

Today is not one of those days.

I knew when waking up that God was giving me a word to speak, but that word has not come to mind. I have typed over and over again, erasing sentence and paragraphs, trying to figure out exactly how to share what God was placing on my heart.

It’s been about a month since I last posted, and over the past month there have been so many moments that I knew I should share. Times where God was speaking directly to me, moments where I knew the things He was sharing was not just for me, but maybe for someone who was reading this blog.

These things are not coming to mind. God is speaking to me, but as I try to share these words my fingers draw a blank.

Have you been in that spot, a spot where you know God is speaking to you, and you are just sitting there with elephant ears trying to hear that tiny whisper. Or maybe its the noise around you that you are trying to block out so you can hear his shout over the chaos.

It’s one thing knowing that God is talking to you, but an entirely different thing to actually hear His voice. What is He saying to you, what is He impressing on your heart. Are you listening, I mean really listening.  Not listening like a 2 year old listens, shaking their head in agreement without understanding the language, but actively trying to hear His voice.

Over this past month or so of my life, I have found  myself getting busy. I have events to plan, people to meet with, project to complete, and in the midst of it trying to complete Stranger Things Season 2 before someone spoils the ending. In the midst of the Chaos I sometimes find myself as the 2 year old as I sit with the Lord, listening, but not comprehending. I get distracted, running from one thing to another, allowing God to spend time with me, but not spending time with Him. Even ministry can become a distraction.

I am reminded that I must take that time to listen. Even as I write this I am being reminded that the reason I write these posts is not to share what I want, but to share what God is trying to get across to me.

Sometimes, I draw a blank. Sometimes, I am realizing, I come to a place of silence so that I can direct my ears toward the small whisper showing me that I am His, that He has everything in His control, and I just need to listen walking in obedience to Him.

How do we listen:

  1. We must be in conversation with Him!
  2. We need to not only pray, but spend time in the word, HIS WORD!
  3. We must set time aside where HE is the focus.
    1. Are you just allowing Him to be a small part of your life, or are you giving Him your life.

God, may we be a people who seek out your voice. May we listen to You, spending time with You in Your Word, spending time listening to Your Voice. God may we be willing to readjust our perspective when we feel like you are not there, may we direct our attention toward your small whisper. Amen