Why Now?

Why now? This is the question that has been tormenting me the past few days as I look forward to writing this blog.

I am writing this blog for a few reasons. First I feel that God has given me a message to share, one that until recently I have kept to myself. A message of hope, a message that can only be found in the words, and in the truth of Jesus Christ. Second I have a dream to write, a dream to share my experiences in life and in ministry. I have ideas for a couple books, but have had difficulties taking time to sit, stay, and write. This is a step toward that. Thirdly, it takes time for me to process, I am what you could call a verbal processor. I need to write down what is going through my head, so that it makes sense to myself. This blog is hopefully going to keep me accountable to write what God is doing in my life. Lastly, I am horrible at keeping in contact with those that I hold dear to me. My hope is that this will help show a glimpse of my life to those who I call friends and family.

There are a couple area’s that I want to focus on in this blog.

  1. Life through the eyes of an extrovert.
  2. Creating Community.
  3. Hope in Jesus Christ.

Each category is so important to who I am as a person. I strive to bring people into community centered on Jesus Christ. I strive to see people loved well, and I pray to see restoration come through Jesus in the lives I get to do life with.

This will be a process, my writing won’t be perfect, but I pray you will be encouraged.

Why now? I am realizing more and more how short this thing called life really is. Over the past year I have seen countless lives lost, family, friends, acquaintances. Some of these people knew the hope found in Jesus, some did not. The reason for the now, is that we don’t know what our future hold’s, all I know is that I feel like God is wanting me to write, and who am I to tell Him no.

My commitment is to 1 year. 1 post a week (We will see how that goes in Camp season.) You can read, you can share, you can ignore, you can critique, but I will walk in obedience.

You will be seeing post 1 of 52 next Monday.

Peace and blessings to you,

Adam Elledge




Published by

Adam Greg

Community Life Coordinator at LCC Redding. I have a heart for people and community. I believe in Jesus Christ, and am passionate about spreading His truth!

3 thoughts on “Why Now?”

    1. Awesome! In camp season – oh, how I wish I had written down what God did at each camp I was a part of. Miracle after miracle, lives changed, and crazy ‘coincidences’ that occurred – write them down and share with us…we will all be blessed and when you are old like me then you will have a record to remind you of all God did.

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